Growth marketing for startups

Why Us

Growth marketing for startups


Our Approach

Our approach is a bit different than other agencies or consultants. We work closely with you to acquire customers and keep them engaged through meaningful content and brand experiences, and provide expert management of marketing resources until you can reach your next critical stage in growth. In fact, we can also help you define, vet, and hire your next high performance marketing team.


About Our Team

We’ve studied with the best growth marketers in the industry (e.g. Andrew Chen, Vin Clancy), and have spent 5 years working closely with top startups in the TechStars IoT program, Silicon Valley's hardware accelerator Highway1, and Europe-based H-Farm Ventures. This means we’ve been mentored by experts but have also gotten to mentor hundreds of other startups across all industries to try new approaches, test methodologies, and walk our talk.

Our team is made up of a diverse mix of talented individuals from content strategists to designers to social media professionals that can serve as capable extensions to your existing marketing organization.


About Our Founder

Megan is the Founder & CEO of InterimCMO, and has a strong track record with startups and well-known brands alike.

After founding and selling her previous company in the health and wellness sector, she went on to craft growth plans integral in the acquisitions of 4 other tech startups and prepared the pitch materials for 2 startups who both successfully received their target funding.

She consulted with several high-powered brands including Sony, Harley Davidson, and AT&T to develop Content Strategy and Customer Loyalty programs.

She also spent 4 years leading Marketing & Insights for the Publishing and Media industries at VentureBeat, The Huffington Post, and Federated Media, where she founded its first Analytics practice and scaled it through 2 acquisitions.

She has a passion for all things startup, and in her spare time learns languages and is an avid Afro-Latin dancer.