Growth marketing for startups


Growth marketing for startups

Marketing for the new economy.

InterimCMO is a growth-focused marketing consultancy for startups.
We are marketing for the new economy, one that recognizes the startup challenges in hiring and acknowledges tricky growth phases. We work with founding teams and investors to accelerate growth through compelling marketing and content.


Why InterimCMO?


Startups have a fast and no-nonsense approach to building products, but tend to wait to think about marketing until they’re in desperate need of users. Don’t be one of them!

InterimCMO acts as an extension of your core team, anticipating the systems, processes, relationships, and marketing collateral you need to have at the ready, and makes sure your team can leverage them for immediate results.



Who does InterimCMO work with? 

InterimCMO serves young companies that have found product-market fit, and have typically received between Seed and Series B funding.

Many of our companies come from prestigious accelerators like TechStars and Highway1, but we also partner with VCs and venture firms to intensify and enhance their investments.

After working with hundreds of startups in a mentor or advisor capacity, we saw an opportunity:

• CEOs were too busy raising money and running operations to think about marketing
• Cofounders couldn’t reach their target customers despite being awesome builders
• Early marketing teams lacked someone to create priorities and drive the organization and execution
• VCs wanted assurance of a cohesive sales-driving system and to give an injection of marketing power to their portfolio
The one thing they all had in common was the need for marketing in this unique stage of their company’s lifecycle. InterimCMO can set up your entire funnel or hone in on problem areas and trains your team to be analytical and growth-minded marketing experts.

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Why Interim? 

Startups have few options until they reach a certain threshold. They can stretch their sales teams towards marketing while limiting their scale. They can hire agencies who don’t understand their culture or product and throw away cash. Or they can hire a pool of contractors that require time and guidance.

That threshold of growth is different for each company, and it’s hard to predict how much support you’ll need until you start seeing the numbers move. It could mean 3 months to keep the marketing engine running while setting up the infrastructure for faster growth. Or it could mean a stop-gap for a year before raising a Series B and doubling the team.

InterimCMO fills the gap with impact. Think of us as a marketing accelerator.



When should we engage InterimCMO? 

Marketing is all about opportunity, but it’s easy to deprioritize when you have products to build and deals to close.

If it feels like:

Knowing which channels will drive profitable visits is stressful and time-consuming…
Your calls-to-action aren't converting like they should…
It's tricky to impact the metrics that matter…
You're competing for capital from discerning investors and need an edge…
Your runway is running out…