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We’ve created an approach for working with young companies who have found product-market fit and have typically received between Seed and Series B funding. These startups are awesome builders, but generally need help growing their audience base and developing customers. They may have hired a marketing person or a small team, but need help focusing them in the right places.

We've also found that more mature brands echo some of the same needs as startups. Their audience may be shifting and they need to make things happen fast in order to stay relevant to their customers and influential in their industry. 



A Few of our Clients

Many of our clients come from prestigious accelerators, like TechStars and Highway1, or from VC firms. We also work with established brands in need of something new.




Read why they love us.

Megan is a by far one of the best people I’ve worked with. She is one of my lead mentors and has helped me in countless ways. When I first met Megan, our company’s messaging was just a mess. We didn’t know how to deliver our message to investors, and customers in a simple, concise way. Now, people get what problem we are solving, how we are solving it and why they need it in 90 seconds. Our pitch and deck is tight! This positioning is already helping us land deals with multiple partners. One thing I really appreciate about Megan is that she always makes the time to help. She genuinely cares about making you and your company better. Her ability to get to what really matters to you and your users is just amazing. She is a no bullsh*t, genuine and extremely intelligent person. Definitely a master at her craft.
— Shastri Mahadeo, Co-Founder & CEO at Union Crate
Megan has been working with me and one of my co-founders since the beginning of our Techstars endeavor to constantly improve our marketing message across different media such as website, marketing materials, and pitches. Megan helped us hide a highly complex technical product behind a vibrant, clear language that speaks to both developers and enterprises. She is straight to the point and a true wordsmith with great empathy for the various audiences and user groups… her guidance and thoughts in challenging moments as a founder are invaluable and I am truly honored to work with her.
— Christian Umbach, Co-Founder & CEO at

Megan is a keen analytical and strategic thinker. She helped craft Aol Partner Studio’s go-to-market story around data, and was instrumental in defining how we use data to inform content strategy for branded, native, and editorial content today. Megan is crazy smart, personable, patient and collaborative – she is an all-star!
— Trevor Yeats, Marketing Director at Aol

Megan is smart, savvy and creative in her approach to social media...a real professional...great to work with...effective results.
— Steven Stralser, Emeritus Professor of Entrepreneurship at Thunderbird and CEO of MBA in a Day

Working with Megan was a productive and rewarding experience due to her commitment to high quality, clarity in communication and savvy leadership skills. When implementing new systems and processes in a constantly changing work environment, you need colleagues who are focused, collaborative and communicative, and Megan embodies all of these traits. She created and led a brand new department in the company and kept the team on track to deliver on ambitious objectives, overseeing the development of new products and systems in an organization where needs where constantly growing and shifting due to a series of leadership changes and multiple acquisitions. Megan excels at analyzing business needs with a laser focus to develop effective solutions that keep the business moving forward and set the bar high across the organization, all while maintaining the utmost level of professionalism and interpersonal skills that make working with her a pleasure.
— Caitlin Crawford, Director of Digital Marketing Solutions at Live Nation Entertainment

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