Growth marketing for startups


We’re not an agency.
We're marketers that get results.


We are classically trained marketers and engineers who sought out something more—how to create exceptional content and digital experiences and leverage technology to find alternative paths to growth.

We work with a try-and-learn approach alongside tested methodologies until we figure out what works for your unique company.

InterimCMO acts as an extension of your team for a specific phase of time to help you reach your goals. We can create your entire funnel or hone in on problem areas. We can set up the systems, processes, relationships, and sales and marketing collateral you need.

We can train your team to be analytical and growth-minded marketing experts or stand in as those experts while building your marketing org.



The InterimCMO
Origin Story



Megan Groves

Megan is the Founder & Managing Director of InterimCMO, a marketing consultancy for the interim.

Working with 100s of startups as a Mentor and Advisor at leading tech accelerators, she witnessed the growing pains of these early-stage companies: they were in dire need of marketing to drive sales and become more profitable, yet they didn’t have the profit to build out a long-term in-house marketing team.

At the same time, Megan saw a similar kind of suffering at more mature companies: their growth was limited not by lack of resources, but by fresh, external perspectives and implementation that could help revive their brand or lighten up years of processes.

Megan’s varied and non-linear background—from startups to corporations and across B2B and B2C industries—became an asset as she realized that her high tolerance for change and pursuit of growth were consistently facilitating positive outcomes in tough business situations. She began to notice a pattern of getting called in to help founders with their go-to-market strategy and executives set up new orgs or facilitate a rebrand, and realized these are the places in which she thrives.

So she created a company to do more of that.

The InterimCMO team is carefully selected and works closely with Megan to constantly model the skill development, collaboration, and lean, people-planet-profit thinking they seek to help clients with.

Most companies big or small that are trying to do great things have periods of extreme challenge and chaos and benefit from strategic guidance and skilled execution for a focused period of time. That’s the InterimCMO model.


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