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If you are looking for marketing that scales across your team, we’ve spun off to become Modular.

InterimCMO is an exclusive network of next-gen CMOs and the high-velocity tech companies who want to work with them.


I am…

Core Principles

It’s hard to build an exceptional team, especially at the leadership level. And yet the classic recruiting model is broken, leaving candidates frustrated and companies under-supported. We take an alternative approach.
Choice and privacy matter in a hyper-connected world. Much of our network lives in the public eye but deserves discretion while building their leadership team. As such, we do not display client names and logos, however, we are happy to provide references and case studies for serious and qualified inquiries.
The new era of business success is built on authentic connections and real relationships. But these are hard to cultivate through a random recruitment search process. We strive for intentional introductions and know that short-term engagements can lead to enduring partnerships.

The Story

While serving as an Interim CMO for multiple companies, herself, Megan experienced just how dire the need for expert marketing leaders with great business sense and people skills was. The market has changed. Companies of all sizes need to be lean and have the right leadership and scaling approaches for their stage of growth and life cycle. They need someone who can usher them into the new era with both hard skills and soft, who can adapt and lead in often unpredictable growth trajectories, who can charter through new channel strategies, and who can keep their brand refreshed and relevant for an increasingly demanding and distracted customer base.

Megan began wondering why with so many recruitment firms in existence companies still struggled to find a good match. And then the answer emerged. These placement agencies were hiring yesterday’s CMOs for tomorrow’s companies. They had never been CMOs themselves and didn’t know what to look for.

So Megan began checking this out with her community. Many CMOs agreed. They were competent, capable, and dynamic, which often meant they were great at driving growth and providing value to their teams but were not seeking the next 10-year opportunity.  


The future is fractional.